Safety, Health & Wellness

We know that sending your child to overnight camp can be both nerve wracking and intense. All year long, you take great care of your children and you want to be sure that the Camp is going to do the same. This section is intended to give you a bit of background into our Safety, Health and Wellness goals so that you can rest assured that your children are in an environment where they will not only have fun but also be well cared for.


Our first priority at Camp Hatikvah is to ensure that your children are experiencing all we have to offer in the safest possible manner. To follow are some examples of how we strive to offer your children the safest summer experience possible:

  • Staffing: The Counsellors at Camp Hatikvah are comprised of approximately 85 Jewish youth from across Canada, the United States and Israel. Most were campers with us or in our Young Judaea sister camps across Canada and all have a rich love for Jewish Camping. Each new staff member must go through a rigorous application process including but not limited to an interview, reference checks and criminal record clearance. They are then selected based on their compassion, intelligence and leadership ability. While our staff come to us with an array of exceptional skills, we train each one on issues of child-care, programming, sensitivity and first-aid every year. Further, staff are subject to constant evaluation, thus ensuring that they are emulating all that we expect of them.
  • Equipment: Prior to the beginning of each camping season, our facility is inspected by a fire safety officer who ensures that our alarms, exit markings and fire safety equipment are up to date and functioning as they should. Our medical team does the same for our water safety equipment and for the supplies and equipment we keep in the infirmary.
  • Procedural Preparedness: Every counsellor at Hatikvah must participate in, and qualify for, standard First-Aid certification and many of our staff have advanced certification in this area. Further, during staff training, our staff are mandated to learn all of our emergency preparedness plans and they spend a great deal of time practicing fire, earthquake, aquatic and emergency skills and drills.
  • Prevention: Above all else, we practice the importance of prevention. While we are prepared to deal with many different emergencies that may arise, our goal is to not have to use those skills at all. We have well established rules and regulations for both our campers and staff and strive daily to create an environment that is a safe as possible for your children.


We have a very well equipped infirmary on site that is staffed by professional RNs and a series of doctors who volunteer their time throughout the summer. Our medical team is there to promote good hygiene and health in our participants and to deal with any medical issues that arise during Camp. They also serve to ensure that those campers coming to us with medical issues, or on regular medications, are able to best enjoy their summer experience with us in a fun and safe manner.


At Camp Hatikvah, we strive to promote physical and emotional wellness in the following ways:

  • Nutrition: Meals are planned with great care. We provide campers with 3 well-balanced kosher style meals per day. Additionally, fruit, bagels, and bread are available not only at meal times but also between each period so that campers may enjoy a “healthy” snack during their day. We are prepared to accommodate many dietary needs including allergies, lactose intolerance, diabetes, or vegetarian diets.
  • Physical Activity: Camp is action packed! Whether kids are engaging in our organized programming or just walking from activity to activity, our campers spend the vast majority of the day on their feet and enjoying their surroundings and our many incredible activities.
  • Emotional Growth: Camp is not only fun, it is a place where a great deal of personal growth is encouraged. Our program is designed to allow participants to strengthen relationships, discover new talents and develop a strong sense of independence and self-confidence. This, coupled with our amazing skill development, allows campers to grow in a way un-paralleled with most other childhood programs.

Your children are in great hands at Camp Hatikvah. We have a mature staff team that is well trained in childcare. They will help your children through any situations that may arise over the summer. Rest assured that we will contact you if there are issues that we feel you should be made aware of and we will work together with you to come up with positive solutions that are in the best interest of your child.