Parent Info


Getting Ready For Camp

Please click here to view our 2019 Packing List. Our list was designed to give campers a 12 day supply of clothing even though we do laundry every 7 days (ie: three times in First Session and one time in Second Session). Please use your best judgement on quantities based on your child’s habits (ie: if you think they are likely to misplace things easily, please pack more). Giborim campers should reduce the clothing quantities on the list by half).

Campers travel to and from camp by bus, air or car. Please click here for our transportation details and procedures.

Camp Updates

Weekly newsletters will be sent out every Friday before Shabbat while camp is in session. We are confident that you will enjoy these newsletters tremendously and are very excited about the opportunity to update you on all of the wonderful things your children are up to while with us.

Camp photos will be posted between 9:30 and 11:30 am Sunday through Friday (we give our photography team a much needed day of rest on Saturdays). To view our photos, please purchase seasonal access to our gallery for $20 by clicking here. Access allows you to download as many summer photos as you wish throughout the summer for no additional cost.


Incoming Email: Families are welcome to send as many emails to their children as they would like via our email portal. Email credits are available for purchase at a rate of $1 per email once you have purchased your seasonal pass to our portal. Emails are distributed to campers after lunch Monday – Friday.

We also encourage families to send mail to their children via Canada Post. Our mailing address is not listed on this website for security reasons. Please call at 250-548-3759 if you cannot locate it.

Outgoing mail: Campers will be required to send their outgoing mail via Canada Post (ie: they will not be offered outgoing email service) with the following exceptions:

  • We recognize that because Second Session & Giborim start on a Wednesday just before a long weekend, letters mailed via Canada Post will not arrive until Tuesday which will be very hard for many of our Second Session parents. As such, Second Session & Giborim campers will be allowed to send ONE email home to their parents within the first three days of camp. The remainder of their mail during the session will be sent via Canada Post.
  • Campers from outside B.C. & Alberta will be allowed to send TWO emails per week to their parents. These emails will be sent every Tuesday & Thursday.
  • Campers whose parents are travelling outside B.C. & Alberta will be allowed to send TWO emails per week to their parents. These emails will be sent on Tuesday & Thursday.

Please note that all outgoing emails will go through our portal and, as such, will cost one credit each (i.e. $1).

We know sending your child away to camp can be scary. Please know, however, that we view you as our partners in your child’s care and we will absolutely contact you in the following circumstances:

  • If your child is experiencing significant medical/dental situations you will be contacted by the Camp Nurse or Doctor, and/or Director.
  • If your child is being placed on prescription medication by a Physician you will be contacted by our Camp Nurse or Doctor.
  • If your child is experiencing significant social or behavioral concerns (including extreme homesickness) you will be contacted by the Camp Director.

If you do not hear from us, your child is likely having a wonderful and successful experience with us. Please remember, no news is good news.

If you need to speak with us, please call 250-548-3759. Our office receptionist will answer your call and get some initial information from you so that she can direct your question to the appropriate person. Medical questions/concerns will be addressed by one of the Camp Nurses (or, if necessary, our Doctor) and camper progress questions/concerns will be addressed by the appropriate member of our Leadership Team. You can expect a return call within the day.