History & Philosophy

Our History

Camp Hatikvah is owned and operated by the Camp Hatikvah Foundation, a non-profit registered charity. In 1937, local Jewish community leaders sought to establish a camp for its children that would offer participants a rich and rewarding schedule of culture, athletics and arts all within a Jewish  atmosphere. They purchased forty magnificent acres of lakefront property in the Okanagan region of British Columbia and, with great pride, opened its gates to Jewish youth looking for a valuable educational and recreational experience based on a philosophy of learning and living together in the outdoors. Quickly earning a reputation as one of the finest Camps in Canada, Camp Hatikvah flourished and we are thrilled to say that thousands of children have been, and will continue to be, positively impacted by our program.


Camp Hatikvah strives to offer campers a well-rounded summer experience that provides balanced emphasis on skill development and relationship building. Our sensational facilities allow us to offer inspiring instruction on land and water. The true value of our program, however, is not measured by what participants do all day but how they do it. Campers are immersed in a group setting where they must learn to live, cooperate with, and embrace one another. In doing so they learn a great deal about themselves and what it means to be a member of a community. This personal growth, along with the lifelong friendships Camp inspires, is what truly makes a summer at Hatikvah an experience not to be missed!


Camp Hatikvah is a place where Jewish children can learn of their shared culture and values and of their homeland in Israel. During a summer at Camp Hatikvah, campers will have an opportunity to participate in Jewish cultural experiences such as Shabbat, Israeli dancing and Hebrew singing as well as educational programs about the history and importance of the State of Israel. All of these experiences serve to provide our participants with a rich love and respect of their tradition.

Studies show that “children with pivotal Jewish camp experiences are more likely to become adults who value their Jewish heritage, support Jewish causes, and take on leadership roles in their communities”. At Camp Hatikvah, we believe that we can help shape the next generation of our community and we take a great deal of pride in our role of helping Jewish youth discover what it means to them to be a Jew.

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