How is bullying and other anti-social behaviour dealt with?

Camp Hatikvah takes the emotional well-being of our campers very seriously and works hard to build positive relationships amongst the campers to teach pro-social skills. Bullying and intimidation are NOT tolerated at our Camp and there are strict policies, and procedures that are in place. All camp staff is trained every summer before sessions begin, in techniques and strategies to identify and intervene in these behaviours. There is a Camper Code of Conduct that both parents and campers must sign before attending camp that reiterates and reinforces Camp Hatikvah’s zero tolerance policy toward bullying and other anti-social behaviour. Camp Hatikvah also has a child psychologist on site throughout the summer to support the Director and Board of Directors in decision making. This advice is used to support staff and campers to help resolve any difficult situations or conflicts that may arise.

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