We have found that policy questions are often best described in question and answer format and, as such, have created a list of frequently asked questions in an effort to give you greater understanding about our program, policies and procedure.

Questions have been grouped under the following headlines for your convenience:

If you don’t find what you are looking for here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enrollment Questions

Who owns Camp Hatikvah?

Camp Hatikvah is owned by the Camp Hatikvah Foundation, a non-profit registered charity in both Canada and the United States.

When does enrollment start for Camp Hatikvah?

Enrolment for the summer begins around the beginning of September and continues until all spaces are full. To enquire about available space, please call 604-263-1200 or register online.

How quickly does Camp Hatikvah fill up?

Camp Hatikvah is a popular place and many units will be full by December. However, we encourage you to call the camp office at any point during the year to enquire about space.

How many campers attend Hatikvah and where do they come from?

During any given summer, close to 400 campers will participate in our program. While the bulk of our participants are from the Greater Vancouver area, close to 30% come from cities such as Calgary, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Edmonton, Tel-Aviv, and Mexico City.

How do campers travel to and from Camp Hatikvah?

Most campers from Greater Vancouver take the camp bus to and from camp unless their parents are vacationing in the Kelowna area and select to drive their children to the camp location. Campers from all other cities should fly from their hometown to the Kelowna International Airport where our staff will meet them and escort them to the camp location.

Staffing & Supervision Questions

How many counsellors does Camp Hatikvah have during the summer and how are they selected?

The counsellors at Camp Hatikvah are comprised of approximately 70 Jewish youth from across Canada, the United States and Israel. Most were campers with us or in our Young Judaea sister camps across Canada and all have a rich love for Jewish Camping. Each counsellor was selected based on their compassion, intelligence and leadership ability, and while they come to us with an array of exceptional skills, we train each one on issues of child-care, programming, sensitivity and first-aid every year.

What specific training do the counsellors receive?

An extensive team of experts have been retained to prepare our staff for the responsibility of caring for your children.

Our counsellors are trained in:

  • Comprehensive anti-bullying program
  • Developing Appropriate Childcare Skills
  • Empathy, Mindfulness and Building Self-esteem
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Responsibility, respect and self-respect
  • Zero tolerance drug, and alcohol policies
  • Programs that focus on strong connection with Israel and Jewish Identity
  • Waterfront specific First Aid
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, sailing etc.
  • Camp wide emergency protocols and procedures
What is your policy in terms of camper supervision?

Camp Hatikvah’s counsellor-to-camper ratio of one counsellor to every four campers exceeds industry standards. Supervision at Hatikvah is full-time, night and day. Counsellors accompany campers to and from activities during the day and are present with the campers during these activities. For campers aged 6-12, there is always at least one counsellor in the cabins at bedtime and throughout the night. For the older campers aged 13-14 and SITs aged 15, counsellors are always close by. Regular “bed checks” are consistently performed throughout the night. On the waterfront, safety and supervision are paramount. All waterfront activities are designed and supervised by dedicated lifeguards and certified waterfront staff. Head staff, dock staff and medical teams have 24hr communication protocols and are in constant contact via dedicated 2-way radio, monitored by the Camp Director.

What security measures are in place at the Camp?

Each year before camp, an external safety consultant completes a security audit of our property and reviews the physical site safety. We have also hired a professional security company to patrol our grounds at night.

Medical Questions

What kind of medical services are available to the campers?

Hatikvah has strategies in place to ensure quick and competent emergency response, as well as everyday wellness. There is one Board-appointed MD who directs the camp medical program. This doctor is on call 24/7 to provide back up to the onsite medical and nursing team. During the summer, Camp Hatikvah has two onsite Registered Nurses available to provide clinical care to campers. We are also fortunate enough to have Physician’s onsite throughout the majority of our summer sessions. Said Physician’s are able to write prescriptions when necessary and deal with any challenging medical conditions that may arise. Please note that in the event that your child must visit the Physician, your medical insurer will be charged (if you live out of the country, we will charge you directly but receipts will be provided so that you can claim them with your insurer).

How does Camp Hatikvah administer daily medication?

If a camper requires medication while at camp they will be required to submit that medication to the infirmary. They will then arrange a time with the nurses to come take that medication as required by the prescription. Each visit will be documented by the nurse and a camper will be located and brought to the infirmary if they forget to take their medication on any given day.

How is bullying and other anti-social behaviour dealt with?

Camp Hatikvah takes the emotional well-being of our campers very seriously and works hard to build positive relationships amongst the campers to teach pro-social skills. Bullying and intimidation are NOT tolerated at our Camp and there are strict policies, and procedures that are in place. All camp staff is trained every summer before sessions begin, in techniques and strategies to identify and intervene in these behaviours. There is a Camper Code of Conduct that both parents and campers must sign before attending camp that reiterates and reinforces Camp Hatikvah’s zero tolerance policy toward bullying and other anti-social behaviour. Camp Hatikvah also has a child psychologist on site throughout the summer to support the Director and Board of Directors in decision making. This advice is used to support staff and campers to help resolve any difficult situations or conflicts that may arise.

Programming Questions

What is the weather like at Camp Hatikvah?

Camp Hatikvah is in one of the most beautiful regions of the country, the Okanagan valley. Temperatures on an average summer day range from 28 to 35 degrees Celsius (80-100 Fahrenheit) and the sun is almost always shining!

What is a typical day at Camp Hatikvah?

Campers attend 6 one-hour periods throughout the day. About half of these periods are spent at the waterfront where campers learn to swim, ski, sail, canoe and kayak. The other half of the day is spent on land where campers participate in sports, drama, crafts and Jewish programming.

How are Jewish themes woven into the daily schedule at Camp Hatikvah?

Many of our evening programs involve some level of informal Jewish or Zionist learning. Additionally, campers engage in special Jewish programs such as Shabbat, Israel hours and guest speakers.

Dietary Questions

What is the food at Camp Hatikvah like?

As far as camp food goes, Camp Hatikvah is a great place to eat. Meals are planned with great care to ensure that campers are receiving the essential nutrients required for them to function and flourish at camp. Most of the meals are ‘kid friendly’ meaning that we select our meal choices based on what kids like to eat. If a child does not like the meal being served, they are offered alternatives such as cheese sandwiches, salads, hard-boiled eggs and veggies.

Is Camp Hatikvah a Kosher camp?

Camp Hatikvah is thrilled to offer kosher style food. All meat is certified Glatt Kosher.

Should I send extra food up to camp with my child?

Campers may not bring to camp any sort of food, drink, or snack items. Items confiscated will not be returned to the camper.

Other Questions

Does my child need any pocket money for camp?

Tuck is included in the camper’s fees, and entitles your camper to a candy or drink item 3 times per week. Essential items such as toothpaste or prescriptions is not included in your camper fees and will be billed as an additional cost. Please do not send any money with your child. There is nowhere to spend it!!!!!

What can I do to ensure that my child has a successful summer experience?

While you are not at camp with your child, you do play a huge role in the success of your child’s summer. To follow are a list of things that we think you can do to help them have a more positive summer experience:

  • Before your child goes to camp, talk to them about the camp rules and stress the importance of following them. If your child knows that you are aware of, and support, the camp’s rules, they are more likely to follow them.
  • Remind your child that the people at camp are there to ensure that they have a wonderful summer experience. If anyone, staff or camper, is bothering them in any way they should immediately find a staff member they trust (preferably their Unit Head) and articulate their concerns.
  • Remind your children that they are at camp to have a good time and that they should embrace every opportunity to the fullest!