Family Camp

Family Camp 2021

Program Dates: Friday, August 20th – Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Program Rate: $999 + GST per Family

Registration Opens: Sunday, October 25th according to the following schedule:

  • Registration for families enrolled in 2020 begins at 9:00 am
  • Registration for new families begins at 9:30 am

About the Program:

The goal of Family Camp is to give members of our community greater access to all the wonder that Camp Hatikvah has to offer. While we originally saw this weekend as a chance for families to come up to camp and ‘play’ together, it became clear in our inaugural year that this weekend is about so much more. It truly is an opportunity for us to ‘grow’ together as families and as a community.

You and your family will have ample opportunity take in all we have to offer including: canoeing, crafts, football, gaga, hockey, kayaking, paddle boating/SUP, sailing, soccer, swimming, tennis, waterskiing & wakeboarding and much, much more! Think of your weekend at Hatikvah as a one-stop-shop for accommodation, food and endless entertainment. Everything is included and your options are plentiful.

How to Apply:

1) Visit and click the ‘REGISTER’ option at your assigned time.

2) Click on ‘CAMPER REGISTRATION’ and complete an application form using your OLDEST child’s information (name, birthdate, etc). This is a ‘general application’ that asks for information on just one of your children.

3) Submit your non-refundable payment of $999 + GST and your general application.

4) Go to the “forms and documents” section of your campminder account and select the ‘Family Camp Registration Form’. This form will ask you for the names, ages and activity interests of all of the members of your family.

5) Await confirmation as to the status of your application.


Who goes to Family Camp?

We have had participants as young as 3 months and parents of every age imaginable. Everyone is welcome. With that said, the bulk of the families who attend have children who are under 10.

What is included in the cost?

The fee is inclusive of accommodation, meals and programming for up to two adults and four children from the same family. Please note that Family Camp fees are due in full at the time of application and are considered non-refundable unless the camp needs to cancel or alter the program due to COVID.

What is the accommodation like?

Thanks to the generosity of our community, Camp Hatikvah’s sleeping accommodations have been almost entirely re-built over the past decade or so. Participants of Family Camp will have the choice to stay in a small PRIVATE cabin with their family or share a large SHARED cabin with another family of their choice.

How are meals handled?

Breakfast will be served continental style in the Chadar from 8:00 – 9:00 each day. This will allow families to wake up at their leisure and enjoy a relaxing start to the day. Lunch and dinner will be served to the group as whole during the times specified on the schedule. Throughout the day, fresh fruit and snacks are available in the Chadar for your enjoyment.

Is childcare provided?

Our activities will be enjoyed most when shared between parents and children and, as such, we offer limited childcare during the weekend. The goal of the Family Camp is to give families a chance to enjoy time together at our fantastic camp.

What time do I apply if my family was supposed to participate in the 2020 Family Camp program?

You are welcome to apply at 9:00 am. You have a 30 minute window to secure your space before we open up the process to new families. If you get your application in before 9:30 am, you will be able to secure a space in our 2021 program.

What time do I apply if my family was not enrolled in the 2020 Family Camp program?

You are welcome to apply at 9:30 am. Please do not submit an application before this time as it will not be considered.

I hear the program fills up very quickly…will new families have a chance to get in?

Yes, on average 1/3 of our families each summer are new to the program. However, to increase your chances, please submit your application as close to 9:30 am as possible.

What if I am wait-listed?

Many new families are wait-listed initially but we work very hard to work through that list in the months leading up to camp. If you are wait-listed, don’t despair as we will try our best to get you in.

Why do I have to register under my oldest child’s name?

Our camp management software does not have a Family Camp option. As such, our system requires that instead of registering a family for the program, you register a child. We ask you to use your oldest child just to reduce confusion.

Will the software allow me to write down my other children’s names?

Not initially. Please start by just submitting information on your oldest child. Once you do this and you submit payment, please visit the ‘Forms & Documents’ section in the registration software to fill out an additional form where you will advise us of the names and activity interests of all of your family members.

What if I run into a problem while applying?

Just give us a call at 604-263-1200. We would be delighted to walk you through it.