Hi everyone,

What an eventful few days it’s been! Friday, after a night of thunderstorms, we woke up to some rainy weather which eventually cleared up. By the afternoon, all regular dock and activity periods were able to resume as usual. After that, all the campers and staff got ready for Shabbat and all joined together in the ulam for prayers. We all enjoyed a beautiful Shabbat dinner that our SITs decorated with little Shabbat Shalom signs everywhere and little “hugbugs” that could be given out to each other in return for a hug 🙂

After dinner, we all went down to the ulam for a special edition of “Dancing with the staff”. At the end of the program, one of the Hatikvah unit heads was explaining the rest of the schedule when she was kidnapped by men in black!! The only people that could save her were the Jewish super heroes, Iron Mencsch, Captain Israel and Thor Odenstein… in other words, IT’S MACCABIAH!!!!!!!!! For those of you who don’t know, Maccabiah is our three day color way where the whole camp gets divided into three teams and competes for the title of Maccabiah winner. It is such an exciting time around here and there is so much ruach (spirit)!! Our captains this year were so excited to lead their teams. On the blue team the staff captains were Teddy H. and Barbie C. The SIT captains were David F. and Lauren S. The Kochot captains were Melila C-G and Zevi K. On the red team we had Zoe B. and Noah I. as staff captains. The SIT captains were Chloe P. and Leo P. The Kochot captains were Lily S. and David C. On white we had Shane R-D and Adi R. as captains. The SIT captains were Maya K. and Ethan L. The Kochot captains were Jessie M. and Ethan A.

That night, the games began with a Popcorn (the name of a song with a line dance) dance-a-thon for our Hatikvah campers and an all-out dance-a-thon for our older campers. They danced until they couldn’t dance anymore and then our Hatikvah campers and some of our older campers went to bed. Some SIT campers participated in a staff/SIT hockey game while the rest got a good night sleep in preparation for the rest of the games.

Yesterday morning after breakfast, our campers played capture the flag as well as a Gaga tournament. They followed that with a dock dip as, get this, the sun was actually out and we were actually sweating!!! After that, they all got changed and went to lunch. After lunch, the campers rotated between the A-dock and U-dock for the dock event competitions. Campers were assigned to different competitions such as swim relays, sand castle building, dock shots (basketball), canoe fill, and more.

After the dock events, all the campers made their way down to the sports field to participate in a tug-o- war competition. Everyone had a great time as this is one of the most anticipated events of Maccabiah! We followed the tug-o-war with our Saturday night BBQ and then everyone enjoyed their last competition of the night, Julien Says (just like Simon Says). Lastly, everyone went to bed for a good sleep in preparation for the final day of Maccabiah which includes our world-renowned Maccabathon!

This morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine for our last day of Maccabiah. In the morning we had our maccabathon which ended with our world-famous egg boil. We haven’t been able to have our usual egg boil in a long time as we always had a fire ban. At least the rain has been good for something!! All teams played very well and at the end it was very close!

This afternoon, all teams prepared for their Tarbuts (the final play the ends Maccabiah). Each team must make a play, a dance and a song. They all performed wonderfully tonight and after much deliberation by the judges and a tally of the points, it was obvious that the WHITE TEAM WON MACCABIAH!!!!

Now we are all off to bed for a great night sleep!

Sleep tight!


Hi again,

We are officially 11 days in and going strong! Yesterday morning we woke up to a beautiful, sunny day here in Oyama. The kids went to their chugim and dock periods then had a yummy lunch. During menucha, the Browns played the Colts and the Colts won with a score of 28 to 14!

After menucha, regular periods resumed and the Survivor kids continued with their challenges as well. By mid-afternoon, we were down to 3 remaining contestants; Eli A., Shai B, and Elan E-L. Later that evening, the whole camp came together to watch the final challenge and last tribal council. In the final moments, Shai was voted out and it was down to Eli and Elan. The two boys gave their final speeches where they pled their cases as to why they each deserved to win. Finally, after a final vote from all previous contestants, Elan was voted the winner of Survivor 2016!!!! Mazel Tov, Elan!!

This morning, we woke up to more beautiful weather! We had a delicious breakfast and went off to our chugim and docks. Our kids are really learning some amazing new skills! From hoola hooping with professional grade hoops, to learning football techniques with professional players, all the kids will definitely be leaving here a little more talented than they were before.

Today during HFL, the Seahawks played the Chargers and the Seahawks won with a score of 28 to 14! After menucha, there were some threatening clouds in the sky but we swam, skied and played right through them. Luckily they didn’t bring what we thought they might!

After dinner, our chalutzim campers were put into groups and had to make air bands. They were adorable! You can see them all dancing before they performed on our Instagram account @camphatikvah. Our Gesher campers participated in a program called “Lemonade Tycoon”  where they had to do different tasks in order to earn play money to buy ingredients to make the best lemonade they could. The kids had the best time running around and trying to be as creative as possible and they all made some delicious raspberry lemonade! Our Kochot campers did an Israel themed program called “Achi Israeli” which introduced the campers to Israeli pop culture. They really enjoyed learning about what is popular in Israel and we are lucky to have such great schlichim to teach us! Our SIT campers also did an Israel themed program which also incorporated “Tikkun Ulam” which is the idea of repairing the world. The groups discussed pollution, world hunger and immigration. They really enjoyed discussing these real world issues and were very into the discussions.

Now the kids are all in bed and getting good sleeps as they’ll be very busy in the next couple of days (wink wink) 🙂 If you don’t know yet, you’ll find out on the next blog!

Talk soon,


Sending emails

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder on how to send emails to your campers through our camp mail system. Please type directly into the text box– do NOT copy and paste as it does not work and it just sends a blank letter to your camper. The system also does not allow anything other than the English alphabet to be used, so please ensure that you aren’t using any symbols that it does not recognize. Thank you!!

Dear Parents,

It has come to my attention that many parents have been texting our staff and asking them about their campers or asking for favours concerning their campers. Please do not do this. It puts them in a compromising position as it is stated in their contracts that they are not to have contact with campers’ parents. Your contacting them can result in their dismissal. If you have any concerns, please contact the office directly.

Hi everyone,

What a busy couple of days it has been! I will start by telling you a bit about our Survivor program that has been going on. The cast started out with 20 players. They were Eli A., Elan, E-L., Emma C., Taylor W., Shai B., Jack A., Lauren S., Noah C., Eric Z., Nathan G., Rachel C., Shira C., Lauren C., Eva D., Mixi B., Teah B., Noah B., Noah M., Zevi K., Isaiah C. They have been participating in challenges like swimming for puzzle pieces then having to put them together, having to stand on stumps for as long as they can and many other physical and mental challenges. As of now, the final players are Noah B., Elan E-L, Shai B., Lauren S., Rachel C., Eli A., Taylor W., and Emma C. They will be playing until tomorrow night when we all watch the finale and the last tribal council. We can’t wait!!!!

For the rest of us, camp has been going on as usual! We started new chugim yesterday and the kids are loving their new activities. This week we have UBC Thunderbird players teaching our kids how to be football all-stars as part of our chug program! It’s been amazing!!

After lunch, the Eagles played the Seahawks and the Eagles won 21-14. It was a great game and the kids were so happy the weather allowed them to play!

Yesterday afternoon we had docks, sports, arts and crafts, and cabin time and then went to dinner. After dinner our chalutzim campers participated in “mantracker” where they all wore black and had to get around camp without being caught. Our Gesher campers participated in “chopped” where they were given ingredients and had to make the most creative meal they could as well as a menu, a restaurant name and a jingle. Our Kochot campers went to the “Gino casino” where they dressed up and played casino games. Our SITs dropped off the soup that they made to the Women’s shelter in Vernon, then went to the beach for some pizza and hang out time. It was a great night for everyone! At the end of the night, all of camp came together to watch 2 performances of “Dancing with the Staff”. The kids are absolutely loving watching the SITs and staff dance together as it is very entertaining to watch their macho dock staff dance around with a rose in their mouth :).

Today was another great day! We had chugim, watched Survivor challenges, went to docks, tried new things and began to forget how strange our weather has been. During menucha, the Bills played the Bears and won with a final score of 42-7.

Tonight, our Chalutzim campers had cupcake wars, where they decorated cupcakes and used their creative little minds to make beautiful art. Our Gesher campers played “Uh oh” where they had to answer trivia questions and were slimed if they didn’t get the answers right. Our Kochot campers had “boys and girls night” where they got the chance to hang out with only girls or boys and do things that they love to do. Our SITs did a little planning for the programs they will be running for our younger kids and then went on a “family” walk and enjoyed a Tim Hortons treat!

Can’t wait for tomorrow where we will find out which of our campers will be the final survivor!!

Night night,


Hi Camp Hatikvah Chevra,

Good news!! Our weather is finally starting to clear up!! We had (almost) a full day of sunshine and we are only expecting things to get better.

Friday night was our first Shabbat at camp and it was great!! Even though the rain was present, our spirits could not be brought down, especially when we saw the amazing double rainbow! Together, we had prayers and then had a lovely Shabbat dinner. After dinner, we all sang some shira (songs) together and then had an awesome time doing rikud (dance). Our SITs lead our Shabbat services and also helped serve the meal. It is amazing to see them growing each day at camp.

Yesterday was our first Saturday sleep-in. Kids went to an optional cinnamon bun breakfast and then we gathered for Shabbat prayers in the ulam. After prayers the campers participated in a Shabbat peulah, where the younger kids made decorations for Israel day while the older kids watched the movie, “Cross the line” and then discussed it. They were very moved by the movie and it was great to have the perspective of all of our Israeli Schlichim.

In the afternoon we had some relaxing cabin time as well as docks. After that, we all went down to the BBQ (pyjama themed) and then got to jump around and have a blast at the carnival. We had 5 inflatable bouncy houses as well as a dunk tank, ring toss, face painting station, etc. Our HFL game also went on at the same time where the Bills played the Browns and the Browns won 14-7.

Later on, we all watched the first weekly video and then enjoyed a campwide Havdallah service. Our SITs took charge and a few spoke about how excited they are to be SITs this summer and how they plan to be the best SITs ever!!

This morning, we had a little Sunday sleep-in and all met at mifkad at 8:45am. It was then that our 2016 season of survivor was announced. All campers that were chosen (k2 and SITs only) had 2 minutes to pack their bags and get ready for 4 days of survivor fun! The games are underway and the rest of camp has loved watching some of the challenges and tribal councils.

After lunch, the Chargers and the Colts walked to the field a block away to play a game on a field a little less saturated than ours. A little rain can’t stop us from playing football! It was a fantastic game and finished in overtime with a win for the Colts with a score of 21-14!

We had a full day of docks and activities and then the campers participated in programs based around our theme of the day which was Yom Chesed. We explained to campers that while they should always focus on being kind and thoughtful, today was a day that we were thinking about it even more. At the end of the day, all units enjoyed evening programs that were centered around kindness and making the world a better place. The Hatikvah unit learned about the different traits of different animals as seen in Judaism and then came up with their own animals that mixed the different traits of 3 different animals. The Kochot unit came up with inventions that could help make the world a better place. Our SITs made soup that will be delivered to a shelter tomorrow as part of a mitzvah project. Because of a grant from Ve’ahavta, we were able to transport our campers to the safe house to deliver the soup that they made for the people who are living there. It was such a great experience for our campers and could not have been done without the generosity of the Ve’ahavta Program.

Stay tuned for more…!

Talk soon,


July 7, 2016

HFL Update: Seahawks played the Bears and Bear won 21-7!

Hi everybody!

We’ve done a lot in the last two days and are excited to tell you! Yesterday morning we had our first beautiful, sunny day and we’re so excited to start it off! In the morning, our youngest campers started their day off with chugim while our oldest campers went to the docks. Second period they rotated and our oldest camper had chugim while our youngest went to the docks. We then had lunch followed by an afternoon of SIT/chalutzim buddy hour, Israel hour and more docks.

Our SITs participated in their first Hadracha session (leadership), where they had a discussion about what they love most about camp and their goals for the summer. It is so amazing to see how much our SITs have grown since they started at camp 7 years ago.

After dinner, our Chalutzim campers participated in a program called “As seen on TV” where they had to invent new products and make an infomercial to sell them. It was adorable and the kids loved it! Our Gesher campers played Staff BINGO where they had to learn things about the staff in order to complete their BINGO cards. Our Kochot Jr. campers participated in an IDF bootcamp run by our Israeli Schlichim while our Kochot Sr. campers went down to the U-dock for a night of fun with a country club theme. Our SIT campers played Mantracker and were then surprised when soon after the program they were called out of their cabins for their SIT initiation. The campers had to participate in team building activities and ended the night by having a dock dip and getting introduced to their SIT song, “The Nights” by Avicii.

This morning, we all went to our usual chugim and dock periods in the morning and in the afternoon. Out SIT and Chalutzim campers had a buddy hour at the Y-dock where they canoed and kayaked together. At dinner tonight, the whole chadar had a cheer off, including staff, and it is safe to say that our neighbors know that there “ain’t no flies on us”!!

After dinner, the Eagles played the Chargers and the Eagles won 7-0 in a double overtime thriller! After the game, our Chalutzim campers got a taste of high school when they participated in “Hatikvah High” and rotated through different high school themed classes (Hebrew, gym, home ec, etc.) Our Gesher 1 campers did a mini Survivor program which imitated the program that our K2 and SIT campers will be doing very soon. Our G2 campers played Mantracker with glowsticks around camp. Kochot campers rotated between the dock dinner and IDF program from last night while SITs had a casino night. All had a great time and were very eager to participate in everything that was planned for them.

Can’t believe we are almost done week 1!!! Hope you are having as much fun as we are!!!

Talk soon,


July 5, 2016

Hi everyone!!

We are so thrilled to have your kiddies here and can’t wait to tell you about what we’ve been up to!!!

The weather has been a little cold and rainy and not what we are used to having in this normally desert climate. We have not let it stop us from enjoying our first two days of camp though! When the kids got off the bus on Sunday, they had their lice checks and enjoyed grilled cheese for lunch. After that, they went back to their cabins and unpacked their clothes and made their beds. After that, the campers got the rules of the land from their unit heads and headed down to the docks for their dock testing. Even though it was chilly, all campers passed and are safe to swim at every dock.

After dock testing, all units went back to their cabins and changed into warm clothes and gathered for their first mifkad (flagpole). I welcomed them all to camp and explained how mifkad works to all of our new campers. We then went into the chadar (eating hall) and ate hamburgers and fries for dinner until our little tummies couldn’t hold any more!

After dinner, the campers had a little free time and then gathered in the Hatikvah Ulam (meeting hall) for our opening night play. The staff put on a play that introduced themselves to the campers. The kids loved it and had fun watching their staff in the play. After that, the campers went back to their cabins and spent some quality time together before bed time.

The next morning we woke up and went to mifkad then breakfast. We had eggs, hashbrowns, cereal, toast and bagels for breakfast. After breakfast, the Hatikvah campers went to their first chugim (activities) of the day. They got to choose from rock climbing, arts and crafts, yoga, dance, archery, basketball, roofball, music, ping pong and tennis. The Kochot and SIT campers had docks and then the campers rotated. We then had mac and cheese for lunch and then had a rest period (menucha). During menucha, all campers who wanted to try out for HFL (Hatikvah Football League) tried out.  In the afternoon, the campers had more dock period. Our Chalutzim and SIT campers met their buddies for the summer by jumping in the A-dock together. For dinner, we had chicken schnitzel and salads and then had a little rest before the evening program.

Later on, all campers showed went down to the Kochot site for our 4th of July county fair. The campers went on hayrides, got their faces painted, made bracelets, played baseball, played gaga and then came together for some country dancing at the end. After that the kids went to bed and most fell asleep pretty fast as they were exhausted.

This morning, we woke up to some out of place spring showers so we put on our raincoats and went to mifkad. We had some rainy day programs which consisted of scavenger hunts, catchphrase competitions, BINGO, and mascot games. At lunch, all HFL teams were announced and the kids were so excited to find out which team they were on (teams posted below). We then had pizza for lunch and by then the weather cleared up enough to be able to attend afternoon dock periods. While some went to the docks, others had Chalutzim/SIT buddy hour and Israel hour. For dinner, we had spaghetti and meatballs and then went to our campwide evening program which was a dance djed by Beyond Sound! It was a blast and now we all have matching hats to wear all summer! After the dance all the kids went to bed enhausted from dancing their little hearts out and will hopefully wake up to a beautiful day in Oyama tomorrow!

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are!!

Talk soon,



Coaches: Max P, Teddy H, Julien G

Players: Noah B, Oliver M, Aviv , Chase W, Eli A, David F, Jacob W, Aidan B, Nathen G, Max L, Michaela B, Adam S, Jacob P, Noah B, Ben S


Coaches: Ben Cape, Hartley Witten, Benny Pulver, Ori Zamir

Players: Eric Z, Ethan A, Elan EL, Max C, Zach C, Devon G, Dalia C, Eitan N, Zane S, Matt K, Charlie T, Shoshanna P, Emmett S, James K, Jordan R


Coaches: Jordan B, Noah K

Players: Alex Z, Evan A, Leo P, Ben G, Isaiah C, Sam S, Isaac L, Rhys K, Jacob K, Zach S, Sidney T, Josh M, Tanner B, Evan H, Noah L


Coaches: Noah K, Max H, Shane RD, Noahm R, Noah If

Players: Noah C, David N, Hanah RD, R’oi J, Elliot P, Ben B, Andrew C, Andrew B, Noah L, Tristan G, Toby E, Judah M, Brody T, Isaac F, Sadie S, Zach B


Coaches: Aaron D, Matthew S, David C, Josh W

Players: Ty M, Zevi , Ethan L, Isaac C, Jacob M, Noah M, Daniel R, Noah M, Noam G, Zach W, Gilad J, Ava A, Micah B, David H, Lola C


Coaches: Ben G, Matthew P, Oren B, Jeremy K

Players: Darien L, Benji K, Cooper S, Sam S, Sagiv F, Jack L, Josh C, Wesley C, David C, Chase D, Jakob A, Ben N, Max F, Sophia P


Coaches: Noah I, Max C

Players: Adam C, Jack A, Jack T, Aaron S, Noah B, Samson L, Teah B, Izzy F, Zac P, Paul Z, Asher T, Chad B, Oliver K, Asher B, Richie H