August 2, 2016

Dear Camp Hatikvah Families,

The buses have arrived and all is well at Camp Hatikvah. The campers have had lunch and are now unpacking their bags.

Just a reminder:

  • Please make sure you have registered online for a password for the email, purchasing credits and viewing the photo gallery
  • Camper Photos are posted Sunday through Thursday
  • Camper bunk mail can be sent on Monday, Wednesday and Frida

Looking forward to an amazing second session.



August 31, 2016

Dear Parents,

Bus update:

The buses have just passed Abbotsford, BC.

The buses/luggage truck should arrive at McArthur Glen Outlet Mall, 7899 Templeton Station Rd #1000, Richmond, BC V7B 0B7 approx. at 12:15pm.

Keep you posted if something changes!!!



Hi everybody!

We’ve had a great couple of days! Yesterday was another beautiful summer day here in Oyama. The sun was shining and it was HOT, HOT HOT!! We spent our day in the sun and in the water and had an awesome time! Gesher 1 had their turn on an adventure paddle and it was great! They went to Skull caves and got to see what all the fuss was about!

In the evening, our Chalutzim unit did a `Slumber party`program where they all dressed in their pyjamas and did all the fun things you get to do at sleepover parties. Our Gesher campers did a `Lip Sync Battle’ competition like they do on TV. Kochot campers did an ‘Amazing Race’ program, also just like the show on TV. After that they all got a bedtime snack and went back to their cabins for a good night sleep.

This morning was another gorgeous day filled with all of our favourite things; docks, chugim, and friends! How different all the kids are going to feel when they aren’t constantly surrounded by friends 24/7!

Tonight our Chalutzim and Gesher 1 campers hung out with their cabins and designed plaques that will stay in their cabins long after they leave. Our Gesher 2 campers are on their overnight! They are camping in the stunning backyard of a local family who has been extremely kind to us over the years. They have a beautiful dock which we take our boat to and the kids get to water-ski from there. They are having a so much fun (as you can see by the pictures)! They will be back tomorrow morning just in time for breakfast with the rest of camp.

We have heard from our SIT campers who will return tomorrow. They are having the time of their lives! We are so excited to hear all about their trip!

Tomorrow will be our last Shabbat at camp for first session. I can’t believe it!!! We are going to miss our campers so much!! On Saturday night will be final banquet and on Sunday you will have your kiddies back.



Hi everyone,

Can’t wait to catch you up on what we’ve been doing! If you follow us on Instagram, you know that our SIT campers left on their five day canoe trip yesterday morning. We have heard from them and they are great and having a blast! We are so happy that the weather won’t be spoiling their trip!

Yesterday we started our new chugim! Some of our new chugim include Dancepl3y, music, waterskiing/wakeboarding, arts and crafts, baking, biking and much more!  What a great selection for our last week of chugim! We’ve been doing our best to make sure that all the campers that want to try, have tried waterskiing or wakeboarding this summer!

Last night, Hatikvah enjoyed an evening program called “Sadie Hawkins” where the campers dressed in their western gear and were set up in small groups.  They learned how to square dance, went on truck rides, got serenaded on canoe rides, got snacks, and ended with a dance all together. Our K1 campers participated in a ‘Chopped’ program where they had to come up with meals in groups with only the ingredients they were given. Our K2 campers went peach and plum picking and then came back and went for a dock dip. Later that evening, to their surprise, the K2 campers began another program called Hell’s Kitchen. They began late at night and competed in cooking challenges into the late hours of the night. Groups were eliminated last night and today as the challenges continued. They continued today as well and this afternoon, Melila C-G and Ella P. were named the last two finalists. Later we learned that Ella won! Mazel Tov, Ella!

Today we had a HOT day (yay) and continued to enjoy the end of the session. We had chugim and docks and enjoyed the warm lake. Our G2 campers even went on an adventure paddle, which was lots of fun! I’m sure you’ll hear all about it when the campers get home.

Tonight, our Hatikvah campers showed off their talents in a unit wide talent show. It was adorable and amazing to see so many hidden talents. Our Kochot campers did a Mantracker program, which they were thrilled about! I think that’s the most popular program on camp!

Tomorrow marks five days until you see your babies (which I’m sure I don’t have to tell you)!!

Night night,


Hi friends and family,

It’s hard to believe but tomorrow starts our last week of first session! Where has the time gone?? Friday night we had a beautiful Shabbat, once again decorated and lead by the SITs. After dinner, we all went to the ulam and did Rikud until it got dark and then went to sleep. Saturday morning, after our sleep-in and optional cinnamon bun breakfast, we rotated between general swim and Shabbat Peulah, where the campers played games popular in Israel lead by our Israeli schlichim.

After lunch, we all spent time at the docks and activities and then went down to the BBQ which the SITs themed, “Campchella”, named after the popular music festival. The campers ate and then rotated around stations where they got their hair braided, got tattoos, got their fortunes told, ate popcorn and danced until the sun went down. After Campchella, we had a Havdallah service followed by our week 3 movie. After that all the kids went back to their cabins and went to sleep!

This morning, we woke up to Yom Israel! Our lovely schlichim woke up early to make the whole camp Shakshuka. It was delicious! After that, the campers went to docks and periods that had a bit of a twist. Down at the A-dock was a Tel Aviv beach party. The U-dock was turned into Eilat while at the Y-dock, what else could it be but the Dead Sea? The campers also experienced kibbutz life, what it’s like to shop at a shuk, and ate popsicles just like glida in Israel! All day, there were facts around camp that the campers had to try to remember for tonight’s evening program. Tonight, they celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut and had a party and trivia contest. It was a great day and so nice having our schlichim give us their taste of Israel.

And now for HFL news…. We are in the Semi-Finals now!! Today, The Chargers played the Eagles and the Chargers won with a score of 14 to 7. After dinner the Browns played the Bears and the Browns won with a score of 21 to 14. The final game will be played on Saturday after the SITs return from their SIT trip. Speaking of the SIT trip, if you don’t already know, our SITs will be leaving us tomorrow morning for a 5 day canoe trip in the Shushwaps. They are going to have the best time and we can’t wait to hear all about it!!

That’s all for now!!



Shabbat Shalom!

Dear Camp Hatikvah Families,

I wanted to wish you a wonderful shabbat!

Login to the camp photo gallery and check out our amazing family, friends, cousin, or any relation photos.

Shabbat Shalom,


Hi chevra,

I hope you are all well! We have been up to our regular camp business around here. Now that the weather seems to be stable, it really feels like camp! Yesterday we reached 27 degrees and everyone had a smile on their face! We spent both yesterday and today doing our regular chugim and jumping in the water as much as possible. It is pretty safe to say that they entire camp spent most of the day in the lake, just as it should be!!! Out Kochot 2 campers are very lucky to have such nice weather for their 3 day canoe trip which began yesterday and will end tomorrow.

Last night the Chalutzim unit did a program called “Judaism around the world”.  They rotated around different stations and learned customs of Jewish people that occur in all different parts of the world. The Gesher unit did Mantracker, a program where they dress in black and run around in groups trying not to get caught by the guards. Kochot 1 played family feud in their unit while our SITs were still with their assigned cabins for their last night of Yom chan.

This morning we could tell it was going to be a scorcher as soon as we got to mifkad. If it’s hot at 8:20 am, it’s going to be really hot! We made sure to spend most of the day in the water either in boats, skiing or swimming. The campers were thrilled to have our regular weather back and kept saying how it finally felt like camp.

After dinner we had a special SIT vs. staff football game, which was one of the items on the SIT bucket list for the summer. Everyone who played had a great time and it was just as entertaining to watch! Our staff won (because we are the best staff around) and I’m sure the SITs will be begging for a re-match soon!

Tonight, our Chalutzim campers did a program called “Miss Hatikvah” where they dressed their counselors up as the opposite sex and had them do a “Miss America” type interview in front of the campers. They kids were rolling over laughing seeing their counselors look so silly! Our Gesher campers did an Olympics program in honor of the upcoming games. They divided into countries and rotated through stations competing against different countries in different events. They had a fantastic time competing and getting to be so active after the temperature subsided. Our Kochot did a program on leadership and talked about what it means to be leaders and then wrote letters to their future selves about the people they aspire to be when they are older. Our SIT campers planned evening programs that they will be running for our younger campers next session then gathered around a bonfire and enjoyed each other’s company.

Tomorrow will be our second last Shabbat at camp 🙁 How time flies when you’re having fun!

Talk soon,



Hi everyone,

All of the sudden it feels like camp is zooming by! In only 12 more sleeps you will get to see your little babies again (and SIT parents will get to visit theirs)!

I would first like to thank everyone for their patience with our email system. There have been some glitches and we have been looking into it. While most have been receiving and sending with no issues, unfortunately we do not have control over technical difficulties and want to remind you that regular mail is still available and reliable. Please also note that bunk parties were on sale in June but are no longer available to purchase as scheduling them at this point would be very difficult.

Now onto the fun part!! Yesterday morning we woke up to a BEAUTIFUL sunny and hot day!!! It made all of our activities so much better to take part in! We started our new chugim yesterday and the kids are loving their new activities. This week we have everything from basketball with Christi Bauck from King David, to Yoga with a local specialist, to wacky science, to music, to rock band! The kids are having a blast! It is so great seeing all the things that they are loving and learning!

Our Kochot 1 campers left on their canoe trip to Beaver lake this morning and will be back on Wednesday morning when the Kochot 2 campers will leave on their trip. We can’t wait to hear about their trip!

After an afternoon full of skiing, swimming, sailing and fun, all the units divided and participated in their unit evening programs. Our Chalutzim campers went to their cabins and did cabin evening activities. The girls did a program called Warm and Fuzzy where they wrote things they love about each other and made bracelets. The boys got to know their new cabin mates a little better by playing games. The Gesher campers had a boys and girls night program. The girls did a program where they also had to say kind things about each other and write about what they loved about each person while the boys played hockey and had nachos. Our Kochot 2 campers played a game of “Camp Family Feud’ where they had to guess the top answers to camp questions. Our SIT campers had an amazing adventure when they boarded a bus, picked up delicious pizzas and went to the Myra Canyon Adventure Park! They did a ropes course and team building activities in the most scenic place in Kelowna. They had the best time!!!!

This morning began our “Yom Chan” program where the SITs are placed either in cabins, at the docks or as a shadow to a head staff on camp. They are learning what it’s like to be staff and helping the staff out. It has been going very well so far. We can even attribute most pictures taken today to Gabe and Isaac from SITs! Thanks guys! What an amazing job you did! Our other SITs are really loving getting a taste of being a staff and the younger campers are so excited to have them in their cabins.

Today we had another beautiful day until about 4:00pm when our daily thunderstorm rolled in. We don’t mind though because we can still have a regular day! After dinner, the weather was already cleared and the Bills played the Chargers and the Bills beat the Chargers with a score of 21 to 7. This evening we had a campwide program called “Minute to Win it” where the camp was divided into groups and had to go around to stations and complete each task in less than a minute. It was really fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves. After the program we all gathered in Kochot to watch our week 2 week in review movie. After that we all went off to bed to get a good sleep for another great day tomorrow!

Talk soon,