The buses have left!

The buses left at 7:00 am this morning and the baggage truck left at 6:50 am. Will keep you posted on the status of the buses!

Final post of first session

It is so hard to believe that this is our last Shabbat and that we will be saying goodbye to our first session campers on Sunday. What an incredible session it has been! While it seems like it has gone by in an instant, it also feels like we have been here for a year. So much happens in the span of a day at camp; from docks, to chugim, to buddy periods, to evening programs, there’s really nothing that compares to the fast yet slow feeling of camp. We have had so many memorable moments from things as simple as hanging out during menucha, celebrating Israel day with our shlichim, watching or playing HFL, running around during evening programs, maccabiah, Israel hour programs, shabbat and the list just goes on of things that only happen once a year at camp.

We are so lucky to get to have all of our campers for as long as we do and to be able to provide so many memorable experiences. Seeing them leave camp having grown a little and learning some life lessons is why we do what we do and we are so proud of our campers. They have all tried new things, become a little bit braver, made or strengthened friendships. We continue to strive to be more accepting of each others’ differences and more grateful all around. There are so many opportunities for growth at camp and we love seeing our campers experience them as we believe in the end it will shape who they are. Anyone who has been to camp knows the impact camp has on lives and we are so happy to have parents who support their kids being away from them in order to give them this extraordinary opportunity.

We know how excited you all are all to see your kiddies this Sunday! We are going to miss them very much. We hope they had a fantastic time at camp this summer and will start counting down the days until they are back at camp in 2019 πŸ™‚

Please check the blog for updates of the bus on Sunday!

Shabbat shalom!

It’s our last week of camp!!!

Hi everyone,

I cannot believe I am writing this as we go into our final week of first session. It seems like the campers arrived just yesterday!!

We had a great third week of camp! On Monday, the campers started all new chugim including yoga, sailing, dodgeball, oneg prep, baking, arts and crafts, fitness and more! Some of our K2 and SIT campers participated in a special 2 day Amazing Race program and it was amazing! In the end, 2 SIT campers, Marcus and Nicky were the winners! Congrats to them!

On Monday, our K1 campers left for their 2 night canoe trip. On Monday night our campers who were still at camp participated in a program called Pokemon Go and they loved it! On Tuesday night we had some crazy weather so after a hot day in the sun, we decided to come together as a camp, get into our pjs and watch High School Musical! All the kids sang along to the songs and then passed out! On Wednesday, Our K1 campers arrived back at camp and our K2 campers left on their trip. Our SITs started Yom Chun, where they either went into the Hatikvah cabins, to the docks, or they shadowed some of the head staff. Over a 2 day period, they certainly got a taste of what it’s like to be staff or head staff! On Wednesday night, the campers participated in a Fear Factor program where they had to go around to stations and complete different tasks for points. They had fun and got dirty! Just as kids should! On Thursday night, the SITs ran a program that they planned for Hatikvah. It was great to see how much effort they put into the program and the kids had a really good time. On Friday, our K2 campers returned back from their canoe trip. All the Kochot campers really enjoyed their trips! On Friday night, we had another beautiful Shabbat and Hatikvah put on a play for our oneg. They were so cute and did a great job! Yesterday, we had a sleep in and cinnamon bun breakfast, followed by prayers and Shabbat peulah. We had regular docks and activities in the afternoon and then a jungle themed BBQ at night. We watched another amazing weekly video, did our Havdallah service and went to bed! Today will be our last Sunday of first session πŸ™ Tonight, our SITs will get ready to leave on their 5 day canoe trip! We are going to miss them but we know they will have an awesome time and come back closer than ever! The rest of camp will get to watch an exciting performance of Dancing with the Staff, where SIT campers are paired up with staff, given a specific dance genre, and perform for our esteemed panel of judges. We can’t wait to see the show!

Tomorrow starts our last week of camp! I can’t believe these past weeks have gone by! We hope you have enjoyed your time as much as we have here!!

Have a great week!

Another week gone by!

Hi everyone,

Session one is half way done!! It’s so hard to believe that the campers have already been here for 2 weeks and only have another 2 to go (besides the SITs). This past week has been a blast! We started last week with new chugim including unicorn fun, arts and crafts, emoji madness, archery, fitness, hula, yoga, baking, basketball and more! However, on Tuesday night our week was interrupted by red, white and blue madness as we found out it was MACCABIAH!! The campers thought that they were going to watch a movie as a camp and all came to the ulam in their pajamas and blankets. When they started the movie they quickly realized that something wasn’t right. Then the captains ran it and the kids were thrilled that Maccabiah was starting! They announced the teams and we were off to the races! The campers participated in dance-a-thons, tug of war, dock events, gaga tournaments, capture the flag, the maccabathon and so much more! It was a tight race but on Thursday night after the tarbuts (plays) it was announced that the winner of Maccabiah first session 2018 was the WHITE TEAM!!! Congratulations White! All teams had a great time and it was a great 2 days!

On Friday, we enjoyed a sleep in and woke up to ISRAEL DAY! Our 22 shlichim stayed up most of the night preparing Israeli food for the whole camp! We ate shakshuka for breakfast, Shwarma for lunch and had beef, rice and roasted vegetables for dinner! It was a yummy day! The campers also visited many places in Israel such as Zoola beach in Tel Aviv (U dock), Haifa (A dock), the Dead Sea (Y dock) the shuk, and the Bedouin tents. It was a lot of fun!

Later that night it was time for Shabbat. Our SITs decorated the Chadar for Shabbat and helpedΒ  serve the meal. It is so nice to see them so involved in Shabbat every week. We started Shabbat with prayers in the amphitheater and then went to the chadar to eat. After dinner, we went to the ulam for shira (singing) and then transitioned into rikud (Israeli dancing). We all danced (and sweat) the night away and then showered and went to bed!

On Saturday, we had our usual Saturday sleep in with cinnamon bun breakfast. After that we all went to prayers and then rotated between Shabbat Peulah and general swim. We had a nice rest of the afternoon and then everyone made their way down to the carnival BBQ! We had several bouncy houses including a water slide! The kids loved it! After bouncing for hours, we all sat down to watch our weekly video (which was amazing) and then we finished the night with a campwide Havdallah service.

Sunday morning we woke up for a regular day of docks, activities and fun! Last night the Hatikvah unit played mantracker, Kochot 1 went to Kaloya (the beach across from camp) for a picnic, Kochot 2 went to the drive in movie to see the Incredibles 2, and our SIT went off camp to play mantracker.

Can’t wait to see what this week brings!!

Our first week!

Hi everyone,

Our first week has come to an end and what a week it’s been! For most of our returning campers, it’s like they’ve never left and for most of our new campers, it’s like they’ve been part of the Hatikvah family forever! It’s amazing to see what strong bonds can happen in just a few short days! The weather was a bit cool for the first 2 days of camp but now we are having the weather we know and love…. heat and sun!!! The kids have been having a blast on our new water park, skiing and wake boarding, and learning new skills in the canoes and kayaks. Our new chef has been awesome! The evening programs have been amazing also!! So far we have had opening night show, Candyland, iPhone games and Campchella! Our staff have been working for hard to make sure our campers are having the best time and we have really appreciated all they have been doing. Our chevra is strong and we are only 7 days into camp!!!

We had our first Shabbat of first session and it was so nice to see our SIT girls lead us in prayers. Our shlichim taught us some new Israeli dances and the campers loved learning them as well. They danced the whole night and were pooped as they got into bed! Saturday morning, the campers had a sleep-in with a cinnamon bun breakfast. After that, the campers rotated between Shabbat Peulah and general swim period. In the afternoon, the campers and regular periods and then we all met in the Kochot site for our Saturday night BBQ. We had an HFL game, watched our weekly movie (which was amazing) and had a campwide Havdallah service.

Today, we had a bit of a sleep-in and had a day full of docks and activities. Tonight, the evening program for our Hatikvah and Kochot campers was Harry Potter, where the campers were transported to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The campers loved running around with their wands casting spells and playing games. Our SIT campers went to the beach and had a relaxing night.

We can’t wait for tomorrow for another week of camp to start!!

And now, a message from the H(atikvah) F(ootball) L(eague)!!!

HFL is in full swing here and below are the teams for the season!

HFL Teams:

  1. Ari and Sam – Houston Texans
  • Benjy K.
  • Joshua C.
  • Oliver M.
  • Emmett S.
  • Ashton G.
  • Jake B.
  • Gabby K.
  • Samuel B.
  • Max F.
  • Isaac F.
  1. Daniel and Asher – Cleveland Browns
  • Chase D.
  • Tristan G.
  • Andrew C.
  • Jackson B.
  • Jacob P.
  • Chad B.
  • Brody T.
  • Yale S.
  • Oren K.
  • James K.
  1. Matthew and Aaron – New England Patriots
  • Jack T.
  • Evan A.
  • Jonah E.
  • Amit D.
  • Jared K.
  • Zach P.
  • Josh W.
  • Gabe P.
  • Ava A.
  • Mattea S.
  1. Tyler and Matthew L. – Arizona Cardinals
  • Sam S.
  • Jacob W.
  • Noam G.
  • Zane S.
  • Asher T.
  • Gilad J.
  • Adam S.
  • Jakob A.
  • Cassie P.
  • Josh B.
  1. Owen, Jordan and Raymond – New York Giants
  • Aviv D.
  • Luke W.
  • Noah B.
  • Oliver K.
  • Zachary B.
  • Eli E.
  • Dylan D.
  • Noah R.
  • Lennon L.
  • Sasha M.
  1. Braeden and Dave – Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Josh N.
  • Cooper S.
  • Max L.
  • Alex R.
  • Matthew K.
  • Oscar S.
  • Lev S.
  • Emmet Z.
  • Ilan T.
  • Aidan A.
  1. Yotam, Tamir and Omer – Galil – Elyon Water Rats
  • Jacob M.
  • Izzy F.
  • Ben S.
  • Itai D.
  • Adin T.
  • Max F.
  • Shae S.
  • Shoshana P.
  • Eitan N.
  • Charles S.
  1. Ben, Josh, Justin – Green Bay Packers
  • Chase W.
  • Chase R.
  • Zach S.
  • Zach W.
  • David H.
  • Tanner B.
  • Sidney T.
  • Rilan G.
  • Ellis J.
  • David B.
  1. Seth and Jacob – Seattle Seahawks
  • Wesley C.
  • Ben G.
  • Charlie T.
  • Noah M.
  • Isaac H.
  • Micah S.
  • Asher B.
  • Owen G.
  • Tahlia C.
  • Elliot H.

Check back next Sunday for another blog update!

Everyone is here!!

We are all here and happy! Check back in a couple of days for more updates of what’s happening at camp!!

Bus updates

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick update on the buses. Our first 3 buses are almost in Hope and our 4th bus is almost in Abbotsford. Keep checking back for updates! We can’t wait to see all of their faces!!!!

Update at 12:10pm

The buses seem to have hit traffic and our bus carrying our campers who are 6-11 years old (chalutzim to Gesher 1) are in Delta and our campers who are Gesher 2- SITs are about an hour away.