The buses are about 40 minutes away! Should arrive just about noon!

11:23 am

Buses are between Merritt and Hope!


The buses left at 7:00!

Hi everyone,

The buses left at 7:00 am this morning! We were sad to see them go 🙁 I will keep updating the blog with where the buses are!

Our week so far…

Hi everyone!

It’s been a great first week of camp! We were so excited to receive our new campers on Tuesday! It was so nice seeing old faces and new faces alike. It’s amazing to see how fast friendships can bloom here at camp! We have so many campers from all over the world; The US, Toronto, Mexico, London, Israel and Calgary! As many of you know, camp friendships are special and often last a lifetime. We love seeing these friendships from the very beginning.

After the kids got off the bus and had their lice checks, we all had lunch and then went to the cabins to unpack. After that, the campers went down to the docks to start their dock testing. Later that evening, all of the campers gathered together to watch the opening night show which was organized by our SITs! They decided to pretend we were on safari and introduced the head staff as different animals in the jungle. It was very cute and the kids loved it!

On Wednesday, we woke up, gathered at Mifkad, and started our chugim. Our Giborim campers did not participate in chugim but instead got to try many of the activities offered at camp. After Hatikvah and Kochot chugim, we had docks and land activities. That night, Hatikvah and Kochot did ice breakers and our SITs did a program called Escape from Alcatraz. Our Giborim campers did boys and girls night. Thursday was another day of chugim and docks and it ended with a Talent show for our Hatikvah campers, Mantracker for Kochot, a trip to the ropes course adventure park at Myra Canyon for SITs and mini-Maccabiah for our Giborim campers. They loved getting a taste of colour wars at camp.

Friday was another beautiful day, followed by a lovely Shabbat service put on by the SITs. We ate challah, matzoh ball soup, and chicken and then went down to the ulam for some shira (singing) and rikud (Israeli dancing). After dancing the night away, we all went back to our cabins for a good night sleep!

Saturday morning we had our first sleep in with optional cinnamon bun breakfast. After that we rotated between Shabbat Peulah and general swim. In the afternoon, we had docks and activities and then got dressed up for our Hawaiian themed carnival  and BBQ. Since it was our Giborim campers’ last night at camp, the Giborim campers went to the bouncy castles for an hour and then went down to the U-dock for dinner and to have boat rides! What fun they had! After dinner, the rest of the camp had time on the bouncy castles and then we all got together to watch the weekly movie and for Havdallah. After that, everyone went to sleep!

Today, our Giborim campers left and we miss them already! The rest of camp had a shorter sleep in and when they woke up, they found out it was Israel day! Our 22 shlichim and 3 Israeli head staff put on a great day for us! They cooked all three meals (YUM) and made each dock a place in Israel. It was a great day! Now we are about to go down for an Israeli festival!

Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Have a great night!

The bus has arrived!

We`re all here!!

Check back every Sunday for our weekly blog!

Bus Update

As I type…the buses are passing downtown Kelowna and should arrive to camp in 40 minutes.

We will update you again as soon as all the campers have arrived at camp.

We are sooooo excited for our second session campers to arrive 🙂


Bus Update

The buses made good time and are in Richmond!! Should be at the mall around 12:15!