Hi everybody!

We’ve had a great couple of days! Yesterday was another beautiful summer day here in Oyama. The sun was shining and it was HOT, HOT HOT!! We spent our day in the sun and in the water and had an awesome time! Gesher 1 had their turn on an adventure paddle and it was great! They went to Skull caves and got to see what all the fuss was about!

In the evening, our Chalutzim unit did a `Slumber party`program where they all dressed in their pyjamas and did all the fun things you get to do at sleepover parties. Our Gesher campers did a `Lip Sync Battle’ competition like they do on TV. Kochot campers did an ‘Amazing Race’ program, also just like the show on TV. After that they all got a bedtime snack and went back to their cabins for a good night sleep.

This morning was another gorgeous day filled with all of our favourite things; docks, chugim, and friends! How different all the kids are going to feel when they aren’t constantly surrounded by friends 24/7!

Tonight our Chalutzim and Gesher 1 campers hung out with their cabins and designed plaques that will stay in their cabins long after they leave. Our Gesher 2 campers are on their overnight! They are camping in the stunning backyard of a local family who has been extremely kind to us over the years. They have a beautiful dock which we take our boat to and the kids get to water-ski from there. They are having a so much fun (as you can see by the pictures)! They will be back tomorrow morning just in time for breakfast with the rest of camp.

We have heard from our SIT campers who will return tomorrow. They are having the time of their lives! We are so excited to hear all about their trip!

Tomorrow will be our last Shabbat at camp for first session. I can’t believe it!!! We are going to miss our campers so much!! On Saturday night will be final banquet and on Sunday you will have your kiddies back.