Hi everyone,

Can’t wait to catch you up on what we’ve been doing! If you follow us on Instagram, you know that our SIT campers left on their five day canoe trip yesterday morning. We have heard from them and they are great and having a blast! We are so happy that the weather won’t be spoiling their trip!

Yesterday we started our new chugim! Some of our new chugim include Dancepl3y, music, waterskiing/wakeboarding, arts and crafts, baking, biking and much more!  What a great selection for our last week of chugim! We’ve been doing our best to make sure that all the campers that want to try, have tried waterskiing or wakeboarding this summer!

Last night, Hatikvah enjoyed an evening program called “Sadie Hawkins” where the campers dressed in their western gear and were set up in small groups.  They learned how to square dance, went on truck rides, got serenaded on canoe rides, got snacks, and ended with a dance all together. Our K1 campers participated in a ‘Chopped’ program where they had to come up with meals in groups with only the ingredients they were given. Our K2 campers went peach and plum picking and then came back and went for a dock dip. Later that evening, to their surprise, the K2 campers began another program called Hell’s Kitchen. They began late at night and competed in cooking challenges into the late hours of the night. Groups were eliminated last night and today as the challenges continued. They continued today as well and this afternoon, Melila C-G and Ella P. were named the last two finalists. Later we learned that Ella won! Mazel Tov, Ella!

Today we had a HOT day (yay) and continued to enjoy the end of the session. We had chugim and docks and enjoyed the warm lake. Our G2 campers even went on an adventure paddle, which was lots of fun! I’m sure you’ll hear all about it when the campers get home.

Tonight, our Hatikvah campers showed off their talents in a unit wide talent show. It was adorable and amazing to see so many hidden talents. Our Kochot campers did a Mantracker program, which they were thrilled about! I think that’s the most popular program on camp!

Tomorrow marks five days until you see your babies (which I’m sure I don’t have to tell you)!!

Night night,