Hi chevra,

I hope you are all well! We have been up to our regular camp business around here. Now that the weather seems to be stable, it really feels like camp! Yesterday we reached 27 degrees and everyone had a smile on their face! We spent both yesterday and today doing our regular chugim and jumping in the water as much as possible. It is pretty safe to say that they entire camp spent most of the day in the lake, just as it should be!!! Out Kochot 2 campers are very lucky to have such nice weather for their 3 day canoe trip which began yesterday and will end tomorrow.

Last night the Chalutzim unit did a program called “Judaism around the world”.  They rotated around different stations and learned customs of Jewish people that occur in all different parts of the world. The Gesher unit did Mantracker, a program where they dress in black and run around in groups trying not to get caught by the guards. Kochot 1 played family feud in their unit while our SITs were still with their assigned cabins for their last night of Yom chan.

This morning we could tell it was going to be a scorcher as soon as we got to mifkad. If it’s hot at 8:20 am, it’s going to be really hot! We made sure to spend most of the day in the water either in boats, skiing or swimming. The campers were thrilled to have our regular weather back and kept saying how it finally felt like camp.

After dinner we had a special SIT vs. staff football game, which was one of the items on the SIT bucket list for the summer. Everyone who played had a great time and it was just as entertaining to watch! Our staff won (because we are the best staff around) and I’m sure the SITs will be begging for a re-match soon!

Tonight, our Chalutzim campers did a program called “Miss Hatikvah” where they dressed their counselors up as the opposite sex and had them do a “Miss America” type interview in front of the campers. They kids were rolling over laughing seeing their counselors look so silly! Our Gesher campers did an Olympics program in honor of the upcoming games. They divided into countries and rotated through stations competing against different countries in different events. They had a fantastic time competing and getting to be so active after the temperature subsided. Our Kochot did a program on leadership and talked about what it means to be leaders and then wrote letters to their future selves about the people they aspire to be when they are older. Our SIT campers planned evening programs that they will be running for our younger campers next session then gathered around a bonfire and enjoyed each other’s company.

Tomorrow will be our second last Shabbat at camp 🙁 How time flies when you’re having fun!

Talk soon,