Hi everyone,

All of the sudden it feels like camp is zooming by! In only 12 more sleeps you will get to see your little babies again (and SIT parents will get to visit theirs)!

I would first like to thank everyone for their patience with our email system. There have been some glitches and we have been looking into it. While most have been receiving and sending with no issues, unfortunately we do not have control over technical difficulties and want to remind you that regular mail is still available and reliable. Please also note that bunk parties were on sale in June but are no longer available to purchase as scheduling them at this point would be very difficult.

Now onto the fun part!! Yesterday morning we woke up to a BEAUTIFUL sunny and hot day!!! It made all of our activities so much better to take part in! We started our new chugim yesterday and the kids are loving their new activities. This week we have everything from basketball with Christi Bauck from King David, to Yoga with a local specialist, to wacky science, to music, to rock band! The kids are having a blast! It is so great seeing all the things that they are loving and learning!

Our Kochot 1 campers left on their canoe trip to Beaver lake this morning and will be back on Wednesday morning when the Kochot 2 campers will leave on their trip. We can’t wait to hear about their trip!

After an afternoon full of skiing, swimming, sailing and fun, all the units divided and participated in their unit evening programs. Our Chalutzim campers went to their cabins and did cabin evening activities. The girls did a program called Warm and Fuzzy where they wrote things they love about each other and made bracelets. The boys got to know their new cabin mates a little better by playing games. The Gesher campers had a boys and girls night program. The girls did a program where they also had to say kind things about each other and write about what they loved about each person while the boys played hockey and had nachos. Our Kochot 2 campers played a game of “Camp Family Feud’ where they had to guess the top answers to camp questions. Our SIT campers had an amazing adventure when they boarded a bus, picked up delicious pizzas and went to the Myra Canyon Adventure Park! They did a ropes course and team building activities in the most scenic place in Kelowna. They had the best time!!!!

This morning began our “Yom Chan” program where the SITs are placed either in cabins, at the docks or as a shadow to a head staff on camp. They are learning what it’s like to be staff and helping the staff out. It has been going very well so far. We can even attribute most pictures taken today to Gabe and Isaac from SITs! Thanks guys! What an amazing job you did! Our other SITs are really loving getting a taste of being a staff and the younger campers are so excited to have them in their cabins.

Today we had another beautiful day until about 4:00pm when our daily thunderstorm rolled in. We don’t mind though because we can still have a regular day! After dinner, the weather was already cleared and the Bills played the Chargers and the Bills beat the Chargers with a score of 21 to 7. This evening we had a campwide program called “Minute to Win it” where the camp was divided into groups and had to go around to stations and complete each task in less than a minute. It was really fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves. After the program we all gathered in Kochot to watch our week 2 week in review movie. After that we all went off to bed to get a good sleep for another great day tomorrow!

Talk soon,