All is well on Oyama Road

Hi everyone,

What a nice first few days of camp we’ve had! Our campers are settling very well into their home for the next two weeks (or five days). The weather has been warm and the lake is at the perfect temperature. We are happy on our little peninsula!

Yesterday, we started our chugim for the week. The campers got to choose from rock climbing, arts and crafts, dance with specialists, fitness with a specialist, music, baking, scouting, biking and much more.  They are loving them so far!! Our Giborim campers are not assigned to chugim but we try a new activity everyday!

Last night our Giborim campers participated in a program where they had to find the missing animals who escaped from the zoo! Our Hatikvah campers dressed their staff up in funny costumes and danced with them on stage in front of their unit. Our Kochot campers did Mantracker and our SITs went on an evening hike. Everyone had a great night!

This morning we woke up to another beautiful day at camp. We did chugim, went to docks, and tried new things. Tonight, our Giborim campers had a “sleepover party” where they decorated cookies, got tattoos, played soccer, played games and more. Our Chalutzim campers played Uh-Oh, a trivia game where kids answer questions and if they get them wrong, the staff get slimed. Our Gesher campers did an activity called “clue for clue” where they had to solve riddles to find items on camp. Our Kochot campers did a conspiracy theory program where they watched a movie on conspiracy theories and then discussed. Our SITs went to Enderby and floated down a lazy river! It’s great to be a SIT!!

Tomorrow will be our first Shabbat at camp! Just a reminder, camper letters are sent out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as long as they are handed in before 10am. Mail sent to campers is distributed Monday-Friday as long as they are sent in by 10am. The blog is updated Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Our pictures are posted Sunday-Thursdays.

Have a great night!


It was a great first day of camp!

Hi everyone,

What a great first day of camp we had! It was a HOT and beautiful day here in Oyama– perfect way to start second session! After all the campers arrived and had their lice checks, everyone ate lunch and then went to their cabins to unpack. The campers then went to docks for dock testing and then we had our first Mifkad. The whole camp gathered around the flagpole and learned how we do Mifkad every morning and every night to raise and lower the flags and sign the anthems. After dinner, we had HFL (Hatikvah Football League) tryouts, and then the camp gathered to watch part of the opening night program. Our youngest campers, the Giborim unit, went to bed after dinner as today was a long day and they were exhausted! The rest of the camp watched a video the staff made to show them all around camp, and then went to bed as it was a pretty long day for us all!

Tomorrow morning we will see more staff introductions and then will start our regular programming including docks and chugim!

Be sure to check the blog Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to see what’s been happening at camp!

Have a great night!


Buses are here!

They are here! All is good! Keep checking the blog over the session for updates on what we are up to!

Buses are an hour away!

Hi everyone,

The buses are an hour away from us! Will update blog when they arrive!

That’s a Wrap Session One!

Good morning everyone!

The sun is up and so are all the campers! We can’t believe that today is the final day of an amazing first session. This morning started with an early wake up as campers finished their packing and bags were loaded onto the truck.  Once camper’s bags were loaded, they had a quick breakfast in the Hadhar and were directed onto the buses. The campers were full of tears and laughter as they said their final goodbyes to many of their staff and friends.  The buses left on time at 7 am and are on route to McArthur Glen Outlet Mall.

After the buses left the camp grounds, parents arrived at the gate for parent pick-up. Cars have rolled in and we are getting ready to say farewell to our final campers.

As session one comes to a close, we reflect on the strong friendships and bonds each one of our campers and staff have made. First session was one to remember and we will cherish all the memories we have shared over the past couple weeks.

We thank you for an incredible session and will miss everyone one of you!



Time to say good-bye

Hi everyone,

What a great last week of camp we’ve had. This session has flown by and I can’t believe we are saying good-bye tomorrow! I feel so lucky to have had your children for this past month. We hope that they have all grown, learned life lessons and had the time of their lives. Camp is the most special place on Earth (in our opinions) and I think I speak for most of the campers when I say a month was not long enough! We are so lucky we were able to get back to our regular waterskiing and wakeboarding, even though we got off to a slow start.

Be sure to look on the website for new photos of our last day and final banquet. The theme this session was The Grammys. We told the campers we needed them to film music videos but didn’t tell them what for. We showed their edited music videos as a surprise tonight as the Grammy award nominees! They were adorable!

The buses will arrive tomorrow around noon to the McArthur Glen Outlet Mall. I will blog tomorrow on the status of the buses. One more sleep till you get to see your kiddies!



The party is almost over…

Hi again,

We are getting so close to the end! It feels like we’ve been here forever and like we just got here at the same time. It’s so hard to believe our first session kids will be gone as of Sunday!

Last night, our Chalutzim campers participated in “Hobby night” where they got to sign up for an activity of their choice for the night. Our Gesher campers did a program called “Clue for Clue” where they had to solve clues in order to find objects around camp. Our Kochot unit did an “Army night” program lead by our schlichim and then heard about one of our schlichim’s experience in the army. Our SIT campers got to go to the Myra Canyon Adventure Park where they did ropes courses and team building exercises. It was a great night for everyone!

Our SITs left this morning for their 5 day canoe trip. It looks like their weather will be great! They we’re so excited to go and we can’t wait to hear all about it when they return. The SIT trip is really where the SITs form a permanent connection and I know when they come back they will be an even stronger group.

Tonight, we had a campwide program called “Minute to win it” where the groups went around to different stations and had to complete different tasks in a minute’s time span. The team with the most wins around camp won!

In HFL news, the Steelers and Giants will be playing in the Superbowl on Saturday once the SITs are back from their trip! All teams played so well this year and there was great sportsmanship amongst the teams.

Please be sure to let us know if your travel plans for your children are different from the emails we sent confirming bus or parent pick up departures.

Have a great night,


It’s our last week!

Hi everyone,

It’s so hard to believe we are starting our last week of camp tomorrow! We had a lovely Shabbat here at camp. Our schlichim have been working hard to make our Friday night and Saturday morning prayers extra special this summer by incorporating some songs in between prayers and it has really added a lot to the experience.

Saturday we had our Shabbat peulah, followed by a general swim. In the afternoon, we had docks as usual, and then we all went down to Kochot for twin BBQ! After the BBQ, we watched HFL where the Steelers beat the Broncos with a score of 6-2. After that, we watched the final episode of Dancing with the Staff, where Ofek and Max C. won the mirror ball trophy for 2017!! Mazel tov! We then watched the week in review video, which was another great movie by our photographer and videographer. We then had a Havdalah ceremony and went to sleep.

Today we had an hour sleep in, and then went to docks and periods as usual.  Our Kochot 2 campers made cookies and some of them brought them to the firefighters to thank them for all of their hard work! Our SIT and chalutzim buddies made tie dye t-shirts this morning which turned out really well! We spent a lot of time down at the docks because of the warm weather. At menucha, the Giants beat the 49ers 7-6.

Tonight, we split the camp into two, Hatikvah and Kochot/SITS and we each watched a movie in our sleeping bags and blankets. It was a great night!

Tomorrow we start new chugim with a King David basketball coach, a Ukulele teacher, an art teacher and a yoga teacher!

Have a great night!