Update at 12:10pm

The buses seem to have hit traffic and our bus carrying our campers who are 6-11 years old (chalutzim to Gesher 1) are in Delta and our campers who are Gesher 2- SITs are about an hour away.

Bus Update as of 11:05am

The camp buses are passing Chilliwack and the estimated time of arrival is 12:30pm.



Bus update

The buses are just under 2 hours away from Vancouver!

The buses have left!

The buses have left and they are on their way to Vancouver! Check back for updates!

Last blog of the summer!

Hi everyone,

It’s so hard to believe this will be the last blog of the summer! What a summer it’s been! This weekend we had lots of fun! We ended Maccabia on Friday night after Shabbat dinner with our traditional tarbut (play), song and dance. The winner of second session Maccabia 2017 was the WHITE TEAM!!! Everyone played well and had a lot of fun at the same time!

Saturday morning, we had our much needed sleep-in and optional cinnamon bun breakfast. After that, the whole camp had Shabbat prayers, followed by a Shabbat Peulah and general swim. In the afternoon we had our regular periods, followed by an inside BBQ as rained threatened our skies (for the first time in a loooong time). It rained for about a minute and we followed dinner with a game of HFL and a campwide program. After that, we had a Havdallah service and then everyone went to sleep.

This morning, we had a small sleep-in and then another full day of docks and fun. Tonight, our Hatikvah unit had it’s final evening program which was the Hatikvah Talent Show. Wow do our kids have talent! In Kochot, they had a minute to win it competition where everyone was put into teams and one person from each group had a game to compete in. The kids had a blast! Our SIT campers followed in the path of many before them when they canoed to Skull Caves and signed their names. I cannot believe that our SITs who have been here since July 2nd are getting ready to leave on Tuesday!! We will miss all of our campers so much!!

Please check the blog on bus updates to Vancouver on Tuesday morning. If you have yet to receive departure information, it might mean that you did not fill out the return part of your travel form. Please email if you have not received departure information.

Have a great night,


It’s Maccabia!!!

Hi everyone!

Guess what?!? It’s Maccabia!! Today at noon we started our two day color war event. The theme of this Maccabia is Hebrew Universities. The camp was divided into the red (Hebrew University) team, white (Tel Aviv University) team, and blue (Technion) team. This afternoon, the camp divided into Hatikvah and Kochot/SITs and we rotated through the A-dock and U-dock events. At the A-dock, the campers participated in events such as funny dive, big splash, swim sprints, swim relays, dock shots (basketball) and our oldest campers did the Camp Hatikvah famous greasy watermelon competition. At the U-dock, the campers did canoe fill, sandcastle building, canoe relays, corcl relays and volleyball rallies. It was a great start to Maccabia!

This evening after a silent dinner, we all went down to the sports field for tug-o-war! The kids pulled until they could tug no more and then the Hatikvah campers went to sleep! Our older campers had a dance-a-thon competition and after about a half an hour of dancing, danced right into the showers and into bed.

Tomorrow morning the campers will participate in the maccabathon, where every camper takes part in a number of events in order to complete the race. At the end, all teams gather for a final competition to be completed by SITs and staff in order to win the race. I will let you know later what that is!

Tomorrow night we will also have our last Shabbat of second session and our last Shabbat as campers for our SITs. We are really looking forward to a nice evening.

Have a great night!


Happy (almost) Wednesday!

Hi again,

Happy (almost) Wednesday! We’ve had a great start to our week so far! Yesterday, our G2 and Kochot campers left on a 3 day overnight trip! They are having a great time so far and will return tomorrow. Back at camp, we started all new chugim this week including circus yoga, cartooning, gardening, art, archery, soccer and much more! We’ve been enjoying spending lots of time at the docks as well.

Last night our youngest Hatikvah campers participated in a program called Mantracker, where they run around and try not to get caught by the staff dressed in black. Our older Hatikvah campers did an Israeli program called Jungle Speed which was modeled after an Israeli game show. They were both great! Our SIT campers did paint wars and had fun getting messy.

This morning was another warm day spent at chugim and down at the docks. Tonight our Hatikvah campers did a program called candy wars where they had to try and buy candy for as little cost as possible. The kids ran around for an hour and got all their energy out before bed. Our SIT campers went to a “drive-in movie” which was made on camp! They had popcorn and spent a night hanging with their friends.

Tomorrow night is the SIT formal. It’s so hard to believe this summer is so close to coming to an end. The boys have been thinking of cute ways to ask their dates to the formal and we have been enjoying watching them.

That’s all for now!

Nighty night,


Shabbat shalom and Tikkun Olam

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Our started with a lovely Shabbat service on Friday before a delicious Shabbat dinner. After dinner, we all went down to the ulam to watch the SIT put on an oneg. It was great and the campers loved watching it. After that, we all did rikud for a while then went to bed. Saturday morning was a cinnamon bun breakfast and a sleep-in until prayers. After prayers our campers went to their Shabbat peulahs. In the afternoon they went to docks and then we had carnival BBQ! We had six blow-up bouncy houses and the kids loved it! After that, we watched the week in review video and did a Havdallah service then we all went to bed!

Today we woke up to Israel day which had a Tikkun Olam theme. We ate delicious Israeli food and did all sorts of activities to help make camp and the world a better place. We re-painted our benches in the chadar, made recycled paper, wrote wishes for the world and much more. It was a great day and we hope it meant a lot to our campers.

Tomorrow we start our second and last week of camp!

Have a great night!